• "Meenikunno raba": recollection of awesome memories...

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  • In class in descartes

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  • many pictures of students, but here is a picture of the teachers in Tartu! Mr Reinson, the headmaster of the school in Tartu, invited us all to the restaurant the evening before we left! We had a very nice evening even if Maria was not with us because she was sick… 

    The kids are a great group, but the teachers too! We had an amazing time together and we get along really well! 

    And a partnership was born! We can't wait for next year to see each others again!

    the teachers!

    from right to Left: Signe, Marion, Maura, Ingrid, Yann

    then back to left: Evelin, Amélie, and Leen <3

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  • the last night in Estonia we were in Tallinn and we slept in a hostel. The hostel was situated in the old town of tallinn, next to the Orthodox cathedral and very near the town hall and the center of the old town. 

    The hostel was very nice and the woman during the day even spoke French! She made us pancakes in the morning! 

    We had a good sleep with our French friends but we missed our Estonian Friends! 

    at the hostel

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  • when we went to Tartu, we had a long way: we drove from Carcassonne to toulouse. Then we took a plane from Toulouse to Frankfurt, Germany, then another plane from Frankfurt to tallinn. Finally, we took a train from Tallinn to Tartu. We left Carcassonne at 6am and arrived in Tartu at 10pm!!! 

    Here are pictures of our journey, back and forth!




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